Welcome to the Pacific Springs Homeowners Association website.

This website was created to provide Pacific Springs Lot owners/residents with timely information about the community, electronic access to important legal documents, links to other useful sites/information, important contact information and to your Pacific Springs Homeowners Association Officers/Board of Directors. There is also a link for Lot Improvement requests.

Once again welcome to our website and if you are new to the community, welcome to Pacific Springs. Let us know if there is additional content you would like to see on the website and how we might improve it. To stay current on happenings and website changes use the RSS feature to link to the site from your computer.

All lot owners are encouraged to obtain access to the website member area.  Please email pshoa@cox.net and be sure to include your name, phone number and street address in your request (if you are a non-resident lot owner, please include both your physical address and the address of your Pacific Springs property).  We will send your login credentials back via email.


The Board of Directors

Pacific Springs Homeowner’s Association

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Maintenance of Pacific Springs Park – A City of Omaha Responsibility

Maintenance of Pacific Springs Park & Public Right of Ways (PROW) on Pacific and 180th Streets

Pacific Springs Park is a PUBLIC PARK open to all, and residents of Pacific Springs and the surrounding communities should direct maintenance issues related to the Park and/or the public right-of-ways to the Mayor’s Hotline: 402-444-5555, or alternatively to Park Maintenance: 402-444-5955 or to Street Maintenance: 402-546-0897.

Prior to being annexed in Sep 2014, Sanitary and Improvement District (SID) 398 owned and had the responsibility for the maintenance of Pacific Springs Park and the three SID Outlots along 180th Street between Marcy and the north corner of the subdivision. The SID also maintained the public right-of-ways along Pacific next to the Park and the public right of way along 180th Street.  Upon annexation the ownership and maintenance responsibility shifted to the City of Omaha (maintenance of the Park and the Pacific Street PROW is the responsibility of the City’s Parks, Recreation and Public Property Department, and the PROW (to include the Outlots which are considered part of the PROW) along 180th is the responsibility of the City’s Street Maintenance Division in Public Works).

Pre-annexation the SID contracted with Lanoha Nurseries for Park maintenance (as well as maintenance of the Outlots and the public right-of-ways along Pacific Street next to the Park and along 180th Street from Marcy north to the edge of Pacific Springs).  In one of its last meetings the SID Board approved an extension to that contract thru February 2016; i.e., over a year after the September 2014 annexation. As noted, upon annexation the City assumed these maintenance responsibilities, including the oversight of the Lanoha contract that has now expired.

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Pacific Springs 2017 Garage Sale

The Pacific Springs Garage Sale will be from Thursday, June 8 to Saturday, June 10.

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Ruts/Holes Along East Side of 180th Between Marcy & Harney

PowerPoint with Pictures and Dates Reported to City.

PSHOA – PROW Along East Side of 180th Between Marcy & Harney – Reduced for Hotline

PowerPoint was sent Sunday evening, March 26th to Mayor’s Hotline.  On March 30th, our President received a call from the Mayor stating the problem will be fixed.

As of May 22nd, nothing has been done.

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Damage to Entrance Island @ 168th & Harney

The City finally acknowledged responsibility for the island repair, and the person responsible for the damage has been identified, and his auto insurance will be paying for the work, to include reimbursing the PSHOA the $400 it paid to clean the debris from the street and cover the exposed damage area with a tarp to prevent further soil erosion.  They will also pay the costs to redo the landscaping and repair any damage to the irrigation system and LED lighting.

On May 2nd the City’s contractor restored the island.  The HOA’s contractor has restored the landscaping.

Background is below:


The following was sent to the Mayor’s Staff on March 13th.


Dear Marty, Cassie, Carrie, and Amy:

On or about 25 January an unknown vehicle slammed into the Entrance Island at 168th and Harney.  This is an entrance to the Pacific Springs Community.

On 25 January, I advised the Mayor’s Hotline of the situation via e-mail; pictures of the damage were included (and some are attached).

On 30 January, a representative from the Mayor’s Hotline (Kelsey Dolinsky) responded:

Hi Mr. Tucker,

Thank you for your email and concern. A request for service has been sent to the City’s Traffic Department, so an inspector can be sent out to make sure traffic is not being blocked.

As was stated in a letter mailed to you and the other members of the Pacific Springs Homeowners Association on March 23, 2015, the sign and enhanced landscaping around it are specifically recognized in the subdivision agreement as being the responsibility of the property owners. The City does not use general fund or bond dollars to maintain amenities associated with specific subdivisions or neighborhoods. These types of amenities become the responsibility of the homeowners association. If the homeowners association does not wish to maintain the landscaping and other amenities on he island, the City will revert it to a grassed island and it will be mowed by one of our mowing contractors. Regards,

Kelsey Dolinsky

Mayor’s Hotline

Phone: 402-444-5555

Email: hotline@cityofomaha.org

FAX: (402) 444-6059

Website: http://mayors-office.cityofomaha.org/

On 31 January I sent the following response to Kelsey at the Mayor’s Hotline:

Hi Kelsey,

I refer you to the April 23, 2015, PSHOA response to the City’s March 23, 2015 letter, and to which the City never responded.  Copy attached.

As noted in that letter, the Pacific Springs Homeowners Association is NOT a signatory to the SID 383 Subdivision agreement, and is NOT mentioned in any way in that Agreement.  The only HOA mentioned in the Agreement is the Pacific Springs Townhomeowers Association, an entity that officially is known as the Pacific Springs Villas East Association, and which has the responsibilities noted in Section X, Para. E. and Exhibit B, Sheet B-3 of the Agreement (and the Acknowledgement of same at the bottom of Page 10).  There is no mention of maintenance of the two islands on Harney St.  Also, contrary to the representation in your e-mail, there is no language in that Agreement that the sign and enhanced landscaping around it are the responsibility of the property owners (and by the way, the basic structure of the front island in our opinion is certainly not considered “enhanced landscaping”).  And as noted in our letter, we do not have a copy of the maintenance agreement required by Section X, Para. 10. A.

As this is one of four entrances to the Pacific Springs community with Monument signs that were installed by the original Developers, the PSHOA “voluntarily” provides routine cleanup, mowing, plantings, tree trimming, and mulching to both these islands, and maintains the LED lighting and the irrigation system.  The Pacific Springs Golf Course provides the water for the irrigation system and the electrical power for the LED lighting.  However, maintenance of the basic island structure is not something we do, nor are we willing to do it.

Any action on the part of the City to destroy or modify the front island without input or consultation with both our HOA and the Pacific Springs Golf Course would certainly be viewed as a City rebuke of the Pacific Springs community at-large.  And since there is a Mayoral election on the horizon, I would certainly hope that she would be thoroughly briefed on any action planned by her staff to destroy or modify the island.

And with regard to the front island, we do have some ideas for island changes that would improve the sight line for Harney traffic as it approaches 168th St.

Bob Tucker

Treasurer, PSHOA

Like our April 23, 2015 letter to the Mayor, there has been no further response from the Mayor’s office.

I did receive a phone call from someone in Street Maintenance (don’t remember his name) claiming the Island damage was what he referred to as “enhanced landscaping” and was not a City responsibility, but rather the HOA/property owners.  I advised him that that representation was totally false from the standpoint of the HOA and the property owners, and there is absolutely nothing to support his representation.  The Street Maintenance person also stated he had not seen the e-mail from the HOA to the Hotline.

Since the City has taken zero action to clean up the debris, which created a potential hazard to traffic, the HOA hired a contractor to clean it up, and cover the damaged area with a tarp to prevent runoff should it rain/snow.  The cost was $400 and the HOA expects to be reimbursed by the City.

This Island was originally SID 383 property, and until Annexation by the City was maintained by the SID.  It has been City property since the Annexation of SID 383 in 2008, and as noted above, the 2004 Interlocal Agreement that involved widening 168th St (and thus shortening of the front end of the Island) clearly states this is a City responsibility, if not at the time of the Agreement, certainly at the time of Annexation.

The PSHOA has zero responsibility for repairing this damage.

We are available to meet and discuss if interested, but the damage needs to be repaired, and sooner than later – it’s been six weeks with no action on the part of the City.

Also, to our knowledge, the person or persons responsible for the damage is/are unknown.  I did call OPD (SW Precinct) and they had no knowledge of anyone reporting the incident.

Also, as noted in our response to the Hotline, there is an existing sightline problem for traffic exiting Harney onto 168th St.  This would be a perfect time for the City to also resolve that issue.  And as noted, the HOA has a suggested solution.

Bob Tucker

Treasurer, PSHOA

cc: City Council via Council Chief of Staff James Dowding

PSHOA – Pictures of Entrance Damage – 168th and Harney

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PSHOA 2016/2017 Annual Dues

The 2016/2017 PSHOA annual dues of $225 were due not later than 1 September 2016, and cover the period 1 Sep 2016 to 31 Aug 2017.

Members who did not pay on time are incurring interest at 16% per annum on the outstanding debt and under the provisions of the Declaration a lien exists on your property.  The Board may also file a lien with the Douglas County Register of Deeds office, and the associated costs/fees to add (and remove) will be added to the bill.  If a mortgage exists, the mortgage company may also be notified of the outstanding debt/lien.  Members who have a lien filed with the Douglas County Register of Deeds will be notified and provided a copy of the lien.

Also, if you paid the principal amount of $225 after 1 Sep and did not pay the interest, you are likewise delinquent for the amount of interest due.

If your dues are outstanding you will need to contact the PSHOA Treasurer for the total balance due.  Partial payments will not release a lien.

Payments should be mailed to PSHOA, P.O. Box 540765, Omaha NE 68154.




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2016 PSHOA Annual Meeting

The 2016 PSHOA Annual Meeting was held on Wednesday, September 14 at the Elkhorn Ridge Middle School.

An arborist from the City of Omaha and two from the UNL Extension attended the meeting and discussed the emerald ash boar situation, and the many ash trees along our streets in the public-right-of way (PROW); trees that we as Members have responsibility for maintaining/replacing as necessary.

We also learned the City of Omaha Municipal Code at Chapter 37, Trees and Vegetation has applicability to the situation, and well beyond.  If you’re not familiar with it, please take the time to read.  A link to the City Code is in the listing to the left.

With regard to the Board of Directors, there were six positions vacant due to expiring terms and the following Members were elected:

Jim Canney, Barb Coleman, Scott Fuhrman, Joyce Sobotka, & Bob Tucker

If the Board has your e-mail address a copy of the PowerPoint (in PDF format)  presentation from the meeting will be sent to you.  If we do not currently have your e-mail, and you would like a copy, you can send an e-mail to pshoa@cox.net, and a copy will be provided.



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New PSHOA Board Officers

At a PSHOA Board of Directors meeting held on September 20, 2016, the following Board members were elected as Officers:

President: Dave Beringer

Vice President: Scott Fuhrman

Secretary: Barb Coleman

Treasurer: Bob Tucker

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Emerald Ash Borer

Based on a survey of the neighborhood we estimate there are over 140 Ash trees along the public right-of-ways in Pacific Springs; and likely many more on our private residential lots; all subject to being infested by the Emerald Ash Borer.  The City website on the subject can be found at City of Omaha Emerald Ash Borer Info.  Other sources of information are Nebraska Forest Service; Emerald Ash Borer Info; USDA Emerald Ash Borer Manual; UNL Extension Info on EAB; and many others.

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Entrance Improvements

The 178th & Pacific St Entrance has been enhanced by a number of improvements at both the small south island with the Monument where you enter and the “new” north section of the south island created by the Hy-Vee constructed left turn lane.  The two large trees in front of the Monument were dying and have been replaced with new trees, and seven new trees and other perennials have been planted on the “north” section of the south island (and the island itself has been lowered), and a new irrigation system has been installed.  Landscape lighting is at all the trees in those two islands.

At the 174th & Pacific and the Harney & 168th St Entrances, stones salvaged from the 178th St work done by Hy-Vee have been added to the landscape.

Annuals have been planted at all entrances and the density has been increased from previous years thus the “look” is much better.

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HOA Approval Required for External Lot Improvements

External Lot improvements require prior approval of the PSHOA for all non-Villas Lots. (For Villas Lots, contact your Villas HOA as there are multiple Declarants – see the About the PSHOA page). External lot improvements can be just about anything from landscaping, adding a deck, additions, a new roof, adding a fence, installing children’s playground equipment or swimming pools or spas; etc. Refer to Article I of the Declaration that governs your Lot in the Important Legal Documents section of this website for details. Make sure you find the Declaration applicable to your Lot as all Declarations are not the same. You also need to check to see if you need a permit from the City of Omaha. Most improvements do require a City permit; however, one is not a substitute for the other.

If you have any questions, contact a member of the PSHOA Board of Directors for assistance.

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