Entrance Improvements

The 178th & Pacific St Entrance has been enhanced by a number of improvements at both the small south island with the Monument where you enter and the “new” north section of the south island created by the Hy-Vee constructed left turn lane.  The two large trees in front of the Monument were dying and have been replaced with new trees, and seven new trees and other perennials have been planted on the “north” section of the south island (and the island itself has been lowered), and a new irrigation system has been installed.  Landscape lighting is at all the trees in those two islands.

At the 174th & Pacific and the Harney & 168th St Entrances, stones salvaged from the 178th St work done by Hy-Vee have been added to the landscape.

Annuals have been planted at all entrances and the density has been increased from previous years thus the “look” is much better.

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