2017 Annual Meeting

The 2017 Annual Meeting for the Membership of the PSHOA was held on 18 September in the cafeteria area of the Elkhorn Ridge Middle School.  Check-in started at 6:30 pm and the Meeting began once a Quorum was present (a Quorum is 10% of the Members who are current on their Annual Dues).

A formal announcement with the Agenda was mailed to the Membership in August.  Due to expiring terms and one resignation, the Meeting included voting for up to seven vacancies on the PSHOA Board (the Board can have up to nine members).   Also included with the announcement was a Ballot, current as of the date of mailing, and a proxy form for those unable to attend in person.  You had to be current on your Annual Dues for your vote to count, in person or by proxy.  The Ballot did change from the date of the announcement mailing to the day of the meeting.

The new Board is listed on this website.


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