Neighborhood Pets

Pet ownership is a wonderful thing and in many (if not most) instances the pet or pets become part of the family.  Many Pacific Springs residents own pets; dogs, cats, etc.

If you do own a pet and you walk or otherwise allow your pet to be outside the confines of your own yard, please make sure you pickup after him/her if he/she does his/her business in the Park, in the public-right-of-way along our streets, on the Golf Course, or in a neighbor’s yard.   With regard to the Golf Course and your neighbor’s yard, this is private, not public property.  To allow the excrement to remain in the Park, the right-of-way, on the Golf Course or in a neighbor’s yard is anything but neighborly and can certainly cause hard feelings.  So, please clean up after your pets.  And with regard to the Golf Course, their cart trails are for golfers, not for pet walkers.

Be aware of the following City Ordinances:

Sec. 6-74. – Public nuisances.
It shall be unlawful for any person owning, keeping or harboring an animal or allowing such animal to be under his charge or control to do any of the following:
(a) Permit an animal to defecate on any privately owned or occupied property other than that of the owner or the person having control of the animal without immediately cleaning or removing the excrement;
(b) Permit an animal to defecate on public property, including designated off leash dog parks, without immediately cleaning or removing the excrement;
(c) Permit an animal to unreasonably obstruct the use and enjoyment of property held by others in the community by allowing such animal to habitually bark, howl, yelp, bay or make other noise which by loudness or frequency causes a breach of the peace; provided, however, this section shall not apply to the animal shelter, veterinarians, and medical laboratories;
(d) Permit unsanitary conditions to exist on any premises where an animal is kept which would cause foul or obnoxious odors, attract flies or vermin or otherwise threaten the public health and safety;
(e) Permit an animal to engage in menacing behavior including but not limited to the chasing of vehicles or the molesting, or frightening of passersby or neighbors.

An animal control officer may abate any of the above nuisances, either through issuance of a citation or impounding the animal, if no owner or agent can be found at the time of the nuisance.

(Ord. No. 36463, § 2, 12-16-03; Ord. No. 37945, § 2, 12-18-07)

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