HOA Approval Required for External Lot Improvements

External Lot improvements require prior approval of the PSHOA for all non-Villas Lots. (For Villas Lots, contact your Villas HOA as there are multiple Declarants – see the About the PSHOA page). External lot improvements can be just about anything from landscaping, adding a deck, additions, a new roof, adding a fence, installing children’s playground equipment or swimming pools or spas; etc. Refer to Article I of the Declaration that governs your Lot in the Important Legal Documents section of this website for details. Make sure you find the Declaration applicable to your Lot as all Declarations are not the same. You also need to check to see if you need a permit from the City of Omaha. Most improvements do require a City permit; however, one is not a substitute for the other.

If you have any questions, contact a member of the PSHOA Board of Directors for assistance.

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Speed Limits & STOP Signs – Slow Down & STOP

The speed limit on Pacific Springs residential streets is a MAXIMUM of 25 mph except on Marcy in the school zone when children are present where it is 20 mph.

STOP signs mean STOP, not slow down and keep going, or worse, just keep going. 

OPD has been called and will be monitoring speed and STOP signs.

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Neighborhood Pets

Pet ownership is a wonderful thing and in many (if not most) instances the pet or pets become part of the family.  Many Pacific Springs residents own pets; dogs, cats, etc.

If you do own a pet and you walk or otherwise allow your pet to be outside the confines of your own yard, please make sure you pickup after him/her if he/she does his/her business in the Park, in the public-right-of-way along our streets, on the Golf Course, or in a neighbor’s yard.   With regard to the Golf Course and your neighbor’s yard, this is private, not public property.  To allow the excrement to remain in the Park, the right-of-way, on the Golf Course or in a neighbor’s yard is anything but neighborly and can certainly cause hard feelings.  So, please clean up after your pets.  And with regard to the Golf Course, their cart trails are for golfers, not for pet walkers.

Be aware of the following City Ordinances:

Sec. 6-74. – Public nuisances.
It shall be unlawful for any person owning, keeping or harboring an animal or allowing such animal to be under his charge or control to do any of the following:
(a) Permit an animal to defecate on any privately owned or occupied property other than that of the owner or the person having control of the animal without immediately cleaning or removing the excrement;
(b) Permit an animal to defecate on public property, including designated off leash dog parks, without immediately cleaning or removing the excrement;
(c) Permit an animal to unreasonably obstruct the use and enjoyment of property held by others in the community by allowing such animal to habitually bark, howl, yelp, bay or make other noise which by loudness or frequency causes a breach of the peace; provided, however, this section shall not apply to the animal shelter, veterinarians, and medical laboratories;
(d) Permit unsanitary conditions to exist on any premises where an animal is kept which would cause foul or obnoxious odors, attract flies or vermin or otherwise threaten the public health and safety;
(e) Permit an animal to engage in menacing behavior including but not limited to the chasing of vehicles or the molesting, or frightening of passersby or neighbors.

An animal control officer may abate any of the above nuisances, either through issuance of a citation or impounding the animal, if no owner or agent can be found at the time of the nuisance.

(Ord. No. 36463, § 2, 12-16-03; Ord. No. 37945, § 2, 12-18-07)

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City of Omaha Contract with AOT Public Safety Corp for False Alarm Services

City Ordinance/Contract with AOT Public Safety Corp

Click on the link above for the background/terms and conditions of the City’s contract with AOT Public Safety Corp for provision of false alarm services.  As a resident within the City limits you are required to register certain alarm system(s) you may have in your home with the City contractor (AOT Public Safety Corp).

Also, for the past two years (and perhaps longer) the invoices from the City contractor have stated there will be a $10 late fee if not paid within 30 days of the date on the invoice.  This is completely FALSE.  See City Ordinance 38512 which was effective in 2012.  This error was brought to the attention of City Finance.


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Please Do Not Block the Sidewalks with Vehicles in Driveways

Please do not park vehicles, etc. in your driveway such that you block the sidewalk and impede pedestrian traffic. Doing so is an inconvenience to your fellow residents who walk the neighborhood.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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Signs in the Neighborhood

The HOA Board is reminding Pacific Springs Lot owners of the provision in the Declarations that the only sign allowed on private property is one (1) For Sale sign, and once the property is sold, the sign announcing that fact must be removed within 10 days of the sale closing.

Further, under the provisions of Section 55-823 of the Omaha Municipal Code, no sign can be erected on public property without the prior approval of the appropriate public agency. This includes the public-right-of-way (PROW) along our streets, the entrance islands, and Pacific Springs Park. The PROW generally extends some 12.5 ft from the concrete street inwards toward the private property lots, and almost always encompasses the sidewalk. City of Omaha Municipal Code provisions apply as all of Pacific Springs is within the City limits. REALTORS and FSBO, please do not place For Sale signs on public property, and only place one sign on a private property lot (the placement of signs in the front and in the rear of a Lot is not allowed).

We know you want to sell your house, but please do so without violating the provisions of the Declaration and the Omaha Municipal Code, and please remind your Realtor of these rules.

The Declarations can be found on this website under “Important Legal Documents” and the Omaha Municipal Code can be found at Omaha Municipal Code.


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Door to Door Salespersons/Solicitors

If you live within the City limits of Omaha, Chapter 19, Article II, Section 19-89 Peddlers of the Omaha Municipal Code governs “peddlers” or door-to-door salespersons. In general, they must be licensed. If not, they are in violation of City code. See the Omaha Municipal Code which is linked on this website for specifics.

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Lot Owner Responsibilities

Did you know that of the many responsibilities of a Lot Owner in Pacific Springs, included are the following: maintenance of the sidewalk that borders your Lot, maintenance of the trees, shrubs, etc in the public right-of-way (PROW) that borders your Lot.  Owners of unimproved Lots (those Lots that have no house) are responsible for keeping the Lot mowed and free of debris.

Refer to the Declaration that governs your Lot and the Omaha Municipal Code for further information on owner responsibilities.

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Welcome to the Pacific Springs Homeowners Association website.

This website was created to provide Pacific Springs Lot owners/residents with timely information about the community, electronic access to important legal documents, links to other useful sites/information, important contact information and to your Pacific Springs Homeowners Association Officers/Board of Directors. There is also a link for Lot Improvement requests.

Once again welcome to our website and if you are new to the community, welcome to Pacific Springs. Let us know if there is additional content you would like to see on the website and how we might improve it. To stay current on happenings and website changes use the RSS feature to link to the site from your computer.

All lot owners are encouraged to obtain access to the website member area.  Please email pshoa@cox.net and be sure to include your name, phone number and street address in your request (if you are a non-resident lot owner, please include both your physical address and the address of your Pacific Springs property).  We will send your login credentials back via email.


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