Useful Phone Numbers

Below is a list of useful phone numbers for Pacific Springs residents.

Phone Numbers

Service Phone Number
City of Omaha non-emergency: 402-444-4877
Douglas County non-emergency: 402-444-5802
Police, Fire or Medical Emergency 911
MUD: 402-554-6666
MUD 24-hour emergency: 402-504-7024
OPPD: 402-536-4131
OPPD service interruption, wires down & street lights out: 1-800-554-6773
Diggers Hotline: 811
City of Omaha & Douglas County: 402-444-7000
City of Omaha Public Works Department (right-of-way): 402-444-5220
City of Omaha Garbage, Recycling & Yard Waste: 402-444-5238
City of Omaha Sidewalk Repair: 402-444-5283
City of Omaha Storm Sewer & Sanitary: 402-444-5332
City of Omaha Storm Water Hotline & Erosion: 402-444-3908
City of Omaha Street Repair or Hazard, Snow Removal & Potholes: 402-444-4919
City of Omaha Traffic Engineer (objects in street: trees, bushes, debris): 402-444-5101
City of Omaha Traffic Light Out & Sign Down: 402-444-5160
Douglas County Register of Deeds 402-444-7162
Douglas County Sheriff 402-444-6641
Poison Control Center 402-390-5555
City of Omaha Police, Southwest Precinct 402-444-6116
Abes Trash Service 402-571-4926
Apple Trash Service 402-330-3603
City of Omaha Wasteline 402-448-5238
Curbside Rewards 402-763-2278 (CART)
Papillion Sanitation 402-339-3479
Nebraska Humane Society 402-444-7800
Douglas County Weed Control 402-444-4583
City of Omaha Weed Control 402-444-5910
Douglas County Snow Removal 402-444-6395
City of Omaha Complaints 402-444-5283
Pacific Springs Golf Course 402-330-4300
Cox Cable & Communication 402-933-3000
Century Link 402-397-7412